Before I start properly to blog, I should offer a brief update.  In early 2005, my two daughters – May and Kirsty and myself moved back to Beijing from London, following the new job of my ex-husband as a Beijing based correspondent for an US newspaper as I believed strongly that the children need both parents, ideally in one place.h

And I’ve always loved Beijing, such a vibrant and exciting city with so much to offer.  And it must be one of the best places to be for a writer and journalist.  Like any society that goes through fast transformation, there’s always tension and drama – the lift line for us.

In the past few years, I’ve been mostly working on my first novel Lotus, about prostitution set in modern day Shenzhen.  Meanwhile, I write feature stories for newspapers and magazines and I give talks and lectures about contemporary China.  Every day, I tell myself how lucky I am: since I was a child, I had dreamt of becoming a writer and journalist.

Since this spring, we’ve moved to Wine God Village, just south of 798 art compound.  The area is full of low rise red-brick houses where many migrant workers congregate.  It features narrow winding lanes and very lively street life.  Sort of newer version of Hutong.  I love it here!

Right now, I am in a transition period – having just finished my novel and thinking/plotting the next project.  It’s just the perfect time to start something new, such as a blog.

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