why blog?

Every so often, people would ask me if I have a blog, I would mumble: “Well, sort of. I got a blog section in my website. But I hardly bother with it.” There are millions of bloggers in the world. Do I really have something different and interesting to say?

Every so often, I would get an email from a reader after reading my memoir “Socialism is Great!” A Worker’s Memoir of New China. Such readers would often tell me how much they enjoyed my book and wonder what happened in my life – the book ends rather abruptly in 1989, shortly after I organized a demonstration in support of the democratic movement.

I am always touched by such messages and feel I own readers something. Maybe a blog isn’t a bad idea after all. In keeping a blog, my readers and friends around the globe can find out easily what’s going on in my life. Of course, not just my readers and friends but also people in general who are interested in China. The readers learn from my memoir not only about my personal life but also about a country in transition. Maybe my blog can serve as a little window to see a changing China? There are certainly a lot of happenings in both my life and in this country.

The self-set mission in life is to be a bridge between China and the world, to help people understand where China is coming from and what is happening here. I belong to a small if growing group of native Chinese who have the insight into the society, and who are also able to communicate with the outside. China has become too important to be ignored yet there’s plenty of ignorance beyond its boundary.

In a personal level, the blog can be a good record of my life.

2 thoughts on “why blog?

  1. Yes, do blog. And could you tell me the names of the other good Chinese bloggers? You can use your posts to construct another book with later maybe. Anyway, it is important to communicate. This is a crucial time in world history.

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