Mary Kay’s birthday

Last night, I attended a small dinner party at Dali Courtyard to celebrate Mary Kay’s 5oth’s birthday. It was a pleasant evening with agreeable temperature – the heat claws of the summer has gone. Ten of us sat in the yard, ate, drank, talked and laughed. The food at the restaurant – only a stone’s throw away from the Drum Tower – is always outstanding.

When asked why she didn’t throw a big party, Mary Kay said she’s had big parties before where she could hardly spend one or two minutes on talking to her guests. In this way, she could talk to her friends properly. As regarding how she felt about reaching 50 – she doesn’t look her age at all – she replied: “It is a lot easier than I anticipated.” It’s obvious that she feels very comfortable with her age and with herself.

For ten years, Mary Kay has been making a recording on her birthday, talking to herself about the state of her mind, where she is now in life and where she wants to go. She always has high standard for herself, still I hope she is pleased with what she has achieved in life.

Mary Kay Magistad is a veteran foreign correspondent. She has been reporting for the World from Asia, Africa and many other parts of the world. She has won awards many times over for her ability to “bring local perspectives to stories with international impact” if I can borrow the phrase from her Wikipedia entry. She was also a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.

I met Mary Kay some 15 years ago but only got to know her well five years ago as I was crawling through the darkest tunnel in my life – my ex had just left me and she was going through a painful break-up herself. While I found myself often overwhelmed by my grief, loss and confusion, she coped her situation with strength, dignity and wisdom. It was a great comfort for me to talk to her as we could relate to each other. And over the years, she has given me very useful tips/feedbacks on my articles and my first novel. The more I know her the more I am amazed by Mary Kay: she is highly intelligent, original, rational, organized and she is a loving, caring person with none of the arrogance of a successful person might possess. How lucky I am to have such a friend!

I am happy to see May Kay now in a good place in life: her career blossoming and she’s in a loving relationship. She is my inspiring model!

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