media interview and BBC’s John Simpson

This week, I’ve had ten interviews with various media, mostly with different bits of the BBC, such as Newshour, Radio 5 Live and Radio 4 but also with NPR in US, French News 24 (TV), Polish radio and an Italian news agency. Of course, I talked about the Party’s 18th Congress, leadership transition and the US presidential election.

I often say yes to such media request if it is on a subject that I know something about. I take it as a mental challenge and get a kick out of it. More importantly, it fits perfectly with my self-appointed mission in life – being the cultural bridge and helping the world to understand China.

This morning, John Simpson, probably the best known BBC reporter, interviewed me about the on-going congress, specifically about what kinds of changes I’ve witnessed and what are the challenges facing China and where China will be ten years down the road. John has been to China many times ever since May 1989 when he reported the incredible democratic movement that was sweeping the whole nation. So he knows enough about China. He is a talk man with big presence and a booming BBC voice, very sharp and engaging. I very much enjoyed meeting and talking with him.

The interview will become part of the program for Radio 4’s flagship Today and BBC TV channel 1 ten clock news program.

On Monday evening, I’ll have a live TV interview with CNN prime time show New Stream. Doing a live TV interview is the hardest thing under heaven. Hope I’ll surive.

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