a surprise parcel

This morning, I received a surprise parcel containing pancakes and a large bag of peanuts, both of which are Shandong specialties. It was sent by Lu Qiumei, a woman chaiqianhu turned activist. Chaiqianhu refer to people whose houses are demolished by the government. I met her last month when I made a trip to see Chen Guangcheng’s family in Shandong. A friend of Chen’s eldest brother Chen Guangfu, Lu made arrangement to pick me up from Linyi and then took me back. Before I boarded my bus, she had wanted to buy me some local specialties but we didn’t have time. She was impressed when Guangfu said I was an old friend of Guangcheng, who is Lu’s hero. So she wanted to show her respect.

I didn’t expect she would really take the bother to send me things. It was me who was indebted to her. And I know she is not well off. I am so touched by this gesture.

This set me in a good mood for the whole day.


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