abstract painting with Chinese characteristics

Kim Vernon, an Australian artist, and his wife and their young son, are the only Western family living in our neighborhood Jiuxianqiao Village, which is mostly inhabited by migrant workers.

Kim’s studio is located inside the same courtyard where I live (settled here happily over two years ago). When he is not caring for his boy, Kim paints and draws there, often attracting a big crowd, mostly the labourers. They stand outside his window for hours to look at this foreigner and his works, which don’t look like the buildings or the flowers in conventional Chinese paintings.

Sometimes as I hopped in and out of my house, I would stop by and look at his works. They are interesting and unusual: these modern and abstract works observe the flat plain perspective as in Chinese landscape painting instead of the western point perspective. Sometimes he used acrylic to create works close to Chinese ink painting. And his recent works, departing from his earlier somber style, are very vibrant in colour.

Just over a month ago, I heard the news that he and his family are returning to Australia. When I asked him if he would hold an exhibition, he said he was thinking about it. I guess like many artists, they are good at making art but not particularly good at marketing themselves. I told him that he must have an exhibition. I dragged my dear friend Catherine, a successful curator, to see Kim’s works. As expected, Catherine was well impressed. She soon found a well-established gallery run by Matthias Kuper to hold the exhibition.

Hence my grand title – coordinator. All I did was to make the introduction because I believe Kim’s works deserve a big audience.

Kim Vernon

Wrong Number

Matthias Küper Galleries

Please join us for the opening celebration on:

Saturday 13th July, 16:00

Exhibition dates:
July 14th to August 3rd 2013

Arriving in Beijing in 2006, Australian artist Kim Vernon’s abstracted Chinese landscapes began as a series of enquiries into the urban environment and its relationship to our own biology. Not only because of the structural similarities between the architecture of a city’s buildings and the body, but also in the way in which we change our own behaviour in their presence.

Quickly reorienting to his new surroundings in Beijing, Kim’s work began to incorporate the ubiquitous “ban zheng” graffiti as vital to the integral physical and mental landscape of China.

Finally, in his most recent work, the entropic yet all-pervasive graffitied phone numbers have taken on a more subtle role as the background to a more vibrant and colourful investigation into the aesthetics of the Chinese psyche.

Wrong Number represents the culmination of Kim’s lengthy investigations over his past 6 ½ years in China in more than a dozen works on Canvas and 60 works on Paper.

Open Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 to 18:00

Curator: Catherine Cheng

Exhibition coordinator: Zhang Lijia

249-3 Caochangdi, Airport side road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015

T. +86 10 6432 5560

M. +86 136 9136 5327


Kim Vernon (澳大利亚)


库帛 H 画廊



2013年7月13日 周六 下午4:00



2006年,澳大利亚艺术家Kim来到北京, 他的抽象派山水画创作源于关于城市环境及其与我们自身关系的一系列的思考。这些创作不仅仅围绕着城市建筑结构与人类身体结构的相似性,也反映出城市的变化是如何影响着我们的行为意识的。

作品灵感来源于他所居住的北京城中村所见所闻, Kim 将独具特点的墙面涂鸦“办证” 作为他“山水”作品不可缺少的一部分。







北京朝阳区机场辅路草场地艺术区249-3 邮编 100015

电话 +86 10 6432 5560
手机 +86 136 9136 5327


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