Norther Girls

A friend recommended this book to me and I started to read with keen interest – given that the lead character in my own novel is also a northern girl trys her luck in Shenzhen. But I found Northern Girls a great disappointment: it’s a book with little literary merits, save the subject. There are traces everywhere of an inexperienced writer: there’s no dramatic arch; the characterization is simply poor. In the middle of a scene, the author suddenly changed the point of view! incredible such a poor quality book got picked up and translated into English!

I was having lunch today with Laura Fitch, the literary editor of City Weekend. For some reason we talked about this book. I am so pleased to hear that she also disliked this book. see below her review. Spot on!

Girls on the Move: Debut Novel from Sheng Keyi Lacks Focus

11 June 2012



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There’s a never-ending fascination with the lives of those living on the lowest rungs of Chinese society. Both Chinese and foreign authors often try their hand at explaining—in fact or in fiction—the lives of the migrant workers who are powering this country’s economy while simultaneously being crushed under its wheels.

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