Christmas panto The Wizard of Oz hits Beijing stage

My voice is still horse – from laughing too hard. The other night, I went to see the dress rehearsal and found it much better and enjoyable than expected, not only because my girl starred in it: May plays the lead role Dorothy and Kirsty the good witch – the Witch of the East (yes, politically correct)

A production of Beijing Playhouse, China’s Broadway theatre, it is being promoted as “a munchkinized Christmas musical comedy”. It is the director Michael Gralapp’s interpretation of the classic The Wizard of Oz.

Pantomime is a very traditional British form of art, featuring singing, comedy, cross-dressing and the audience interaction. When I first went to England, I was surprised and amused by the panto. Well, the usually reserved British people do need occasions like this to let their hair down.

So here, the audience were invited to cheer, to boo and, of course, to laugh, as we followed Dorothy and her friends follow the yellow brick road to find the wizard. Plenty of jokes for the benefit of the adults.

The director cleverly adapted a few popular songs, including canton pop star Theresa Deng’s classic The mood. I couldn’t help but sang along.

May was absolutely in her element, dancing and singing away. She even put on a touch of American accent. Kirsty, playing the good witch – The Witch of the East (politically correct) also did a fine job. She looked incredible with her long hair, her crown and her highly dramatic costume.

I was in the 9th heaven!

Come along and have a laugh!

beijing kids 12.1.13.pdf

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