Feminists in Action

My bags packed, ready to go. Tonight I am going to fly down to Hunan to join a young feminist friend Xiao Meili who has been marching for nearly four months in protest against child sex abuse. On September 15, after the graduation ceremony at China’s first feminist school when a dozen of us, Xiao and myself included, were rewarded a certificate, Xiao left Beijing, on foot, towards Guangzhou.

Along the way, she has been distributing information to local governments, staging performances and collecting signatures.

At 24, Xiao is veteran feminist activist. On Valentine’s Day, 2012, she was one of the three women who dressed up in blood-splattered wedding gowns in protest against domestic violence. In August that year, she shaved off her head in protest against the discrimination against women students at university enrollment. And last year, she was a lead actor in China’s version of Vagina Monologues.

Marching alone is a tough thing and unromantic: walking beside highways, chocked by fumes. For most part, Xiao has had one or two friends to walk with her. Now it is my turn. Delighted and encouraged by the increasing feminist activism, I’d like to show my support.

I said bags packed, actually I’ll have only one backpack with minimal necessities as I’ll have to carry everything on my back for five days. For once, I will not bring my computer or any stylish clothes. There are some fine chocolate purchased days ago in Paris.

But I am excited by this new adventure and I am sure I’ll bring back a few interesting tales.

Anyone who is interested in helping Xiao, below is the donation info.


汇款至中国银行账号:6216 6101 0000 6994 491,开户行:中国银行北京青年路支行,开户人:肖月




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