Being a guest on BBC’s Weekend programme

Weekend is a news and current affairs programme which provides the latest news on a wide range of subjects for audience around the world.

Each week the programme welcomes two guests for the entire hour to discuss and comment on the themes and ideas of the week’s news from realms of politics, science, music and the arts.

I was one the guests for this Saturday (April 5)’s programme. The other guest was British cultural historian Christopher Cook.

I have been on the programme once, not too long after the publication of my memoir back in 2008. I found it nerve racking as I had to comment on all sorts of issues/ideas and it was alive. But I enjoyed both times – I always love a bit of challenge. A mental tease.

This time, the producer called on Friday to have a long chat. By then, he already had the rough idea what the programme would be like. Afghanistan’s presidential election, Ukrian crisis and the Malaysia airline’s missing plane dominated the news. So I prepared accordingly, offering China perspective when possible.

As guests, we have opportunities to talk about ourselves, our interests and achievements and so on. I would have liked to talk about my marching with the feminist and the rising feminist activism. The presenter Paul Henley decided to ask me about my memoir, the social changes and my novel on prostitution – that fits nicely with the crackdown on prostitution in Dongguang.

I felt so privileged to have the chance to ask BBC’s Lyse Doucet, the award-winning chief international correspondent, questions about Afghan election. She was reporting from Kabul for the BBC.

All in all, a highly enjoyable and memorable event.

I guess I did alright as they’d like to invite me back later in the year.

If you are interested in listening. Here is the link:

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