I turned 50 today.

I spent the day travelling back from HK, after a very successful speech. As soon as I returned home, I took my girls to Feast at East Hotel where we enjoyed, well, a feast. Then I had a swim at the hotel. Back at home, I opened some of the many gifts I received on Friday at my birthday bash.

What a day. What a life!

Looking back at my life, I couldn’t help but feeling extremely fortunate: I have two beautiful, healthy daughters; I have many good friends scattering around the world; I have travelled to so many places, including some far-flung, wacky places such as Tibet and Uzbekistan; and I’ve lived a full life.

When my mother retired to let me to take over the job back in 1980, she was 43. I thought she was old. Now at 50, I feel so young and still in my prime. Compare to my younger years, I know much better who I am and what I want from life. Indeed I feel a lot happier with myself.

50 is a great age. I’ve accumulated some life experiences yet I am still young enough to dream and to embark on new adventures.

Yes, life starts at 50!

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