I’ll be moderating an event at bookworm on tuesday Nov. 18

The start of the show is Mr. Jha, a prominent journalist/public intellectual from India. It’ll be introduced by his brilliant writer daughter Radhkia and moderated by me.

Come along if you can!

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
Soft Skull Press, UK
Prem Shankar JHA will talk about his book.

Will India or will China succeed in dominating the world economy in the next forty years? To take for granted that either or both will succeed in doing so is perhaps naïve. Both countries are at the early stages of the transition from precapitalist to capitalist societies. The transition closes old avenues of progress and opens new ones, creating new winners and new losers by the hundreds of thousands. Prem Shankar Jha examines the interaction between economic change and social and political change in India and China as they have progressed down the road to capitalism. He examines the social and political conflicts that the market has unleashed and shows how the course of development in both countries has been determined by the conflict between competing strata of the newly empowered capitalist class. As no mechanisms have been created which could potentially reconcile these conflicts, the future of both countries remains uncertain.

PREM SHANKAR JHA is a former information advisor to the prime minister of India and former editor and columnist to The Hindu, Hindustan TImes, Economic TImes, Financial Express and Times of India. He has also been a visiting fellow at the Fairbanks center Harvard University and visiting chair in Political economics at the Paris Institute of Political Science.

Radhika Jha is the author of four novels Smell, The Elephant and the Maruti, Lanterns on their Horns, My beautiful Shadow. She has also been a correspondent for Business World magazine.

Zhang Lijia is a rocket-factory turned writer and columnist, the author of best-selling memoir "Socialism is Great!" and a big fan of India!
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