Developing a Better Understanding of China’s Past to Better Comprehend Present Day Reforms

On Monday Nov. 17, 2014, I had the pleasure and honour to give a speech at EU China Economic and Finance Forum held in Beijing. It was organized by AsiaMatters, an economic institute based in Dublin, chaired by Alan Dukes, a well-known Irish politician.

EU ambassador Schweisgut gave a welcome speech, stressing the purpose of the forum – driving partnership potential in EU China trade and investment. About half of the audience was Chinese and the other half Europeans.

I am delighted that my speech, entitled ‘Developing a better understanding of China’s to better comprehend present day reforms’, went very, not only because I’ve become a more seasoned public speaker but also because the subject is more interesting: I told a human story while others crunched numbers or other economic dry facts. Yet, giving China a human face and understand China’s past are important.

As I was talking, I saw several women of my age nodding and smiling at me – they knew what I was talking about. This, more than anything else, made my day!

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