journalism Vs fiction

My last session (and one of the last sessions of the festival in Ubud) was about the relationship between journalism and fiction with Australian lawyer/surfer turned writer Jock Serong, Portuguese poet Anna Weidenhoizer and Indonesian journalist and writer Muhammad Subhan. Every panelist has written both fiction and non-fiction. It was brilliantly moderated by Australian journalist… Continue reading journalism Vs fiction

Women of Letters

Last night, I was among a bunch ‘handpicked’ writers for a special event entitled ‘Women of Letters’, which celebrates the lost art of letter writing in an age of instagram and twitter. Each writer read out a personal letter. Malay writer Bernice Chauly talked humorously about menopause while Australian Kate Holden, who is known for… Continue reading Women of Letters

Sharing a stage with jung Chang

This afternoon I had the great honor and pleasure to share a stage with Jung Chang, the famous author of the Wild Swans, talking about women in China, as part of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. She is a fabulous story teller and speaker. I am impressed. A large and enthusiastic audience – mostly… Continue reading Sharing a stage with jung Chang