My events packed week in Shanghai

So busy in China, I didn’t even have time to post on social media. I was in Shanghai for a week, during which time I had six events. It started well on Sunday the 8th at M with a full-house. There I talked about the stories of my family, which illustrate the changing role of women in China. On Monday evening, I had an event with rising star Karoline Kan, the author of ‘Under the Red Skies’, discussing writing about China. Tuesday the 14 was a big day. On that morning, I gave a keynote speech at a business conference, using my story to illustrate how China has changed. It went down like a storm, if I do say so myself. On that evening, the Luxemburg consulate general and his lovely wife organized a dinner speech for me in their residence, attended by a group of diplomats and executives. The topic was again on gender. On Wednesday, I addressed a Toastmaster club in Jinan (mostly Chinese keen to learn English and public speaking). Many wrote to me, saying how much they felt inspired. And finally speaking at Royal Asiatic Society about my novel Lotus. It has been a morale-boosting trip.

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