my memoir

Looking at the photo, you would think that my memoir “Socialism is Great!” has been translated into Chinese. That’s not the case, but there’s a sweet story here.

Out of the blue, I received an email this morning from a Chinese guy named Cui Kai, who is a manager at a fast delivery company in Beijing. He loves my book so much that he took the trouble to translate it, printed out, bound it and gave a few copies to his family and friends to share.

He said he is more than ten years younger than me. So he didn’t know the part of history I described. He thanked me to enlighten him and to inspire him ‘lit the light in his heart’, in his words. What a morale boost on this cold wintery day?

I do have good news to report. The memoir will be translated into Spanish by an Argentina publisher, working in conjunction with a Spanish publisher. And it will be translated into German. So all the major European languages will be covered now!

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