My radio essay for Radio 4

At last, I made it to From Our Own Correspondent! Radio’s 4’s high-profile current affair programme is my favorite. It offers a chance for BBC’s foreign correspondents around the world to reflect on a certain event or issue. Compared to other programmes, it is far more personal and literary. I’ve long had my eye on it, but wasn’t sure if I was qualified to file a piece. Recently I finally gathered courage and wrote a proposal to the producer, and she said yes. After rounds of edits, my piece came out today! It is a humorous account how learning English has changed my life and how I am upset about the ongoing debate of downgrading English in China.

It was a hard-won battle. It took so long to record it, because, well, my English is still not good enough, I had trouble to pronounce certain words, for example, – lol, after all these years. See the picture. The thing under the duvet is me, hunching over my computer, recording to my iPhone while trying to follow the instruction from the producer.

This morning, as I listened to the unfamiliar voice of mine, I felt I was up in the 9th heaven!

Here’s the link. I hope to win a laugh from you.

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