Some coincident is so amazing that if I write about it in a novel, it would sound implausible. So I knew my older daughter May/Mei would get a chance to read for a British Library literary event. I didn’t expect that it would have anything to do with China. And it turned out that she was asked to read a poem by Qiu Jin, China’s first feminist. Guess what? I am writing a historical novel inspired by Qiu Jin. What a coincident! Maybe an omen?

Here’s the link to the event. You can watch it in the next 24 hours. If I do say so myself, Mei did a fine job!

One thought on “Coincidence

  1. Dear Lijia, Coïncidences are frequent! No? MeiMei has a beautiful diction. She is so different in the video and the picture they show at the end. I found she has something closer now to your face

    Hugs, KETA

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