St. Katherine Docks

London is a great city teeming with history. I am slowly getting to know it.
Today I had a guided tour to the St. Katherine Docks and Tower Bridge. It lies on the North Bank of river Thames, immediately downstream from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Opened in 1828, it served as one of the commercial docks that made up the Port of London. The expanding empire in the beginning of the 19th century as well as the Industrial Revolution generated massive amount of trade that passed through London, hence the construction of St. Katherine Docks. The name came from the former church and hospital of St. Katherine’s by the Tower.
The St. Katherine Docks were badly damaged by the German bombings during the Second World War and the area remained derelict until the 1990s.
It has now been re-developed. Today it is a trendy area, featuring cool restaurants dotting around the marina, office buildings and modern housing complex. You can still find a few reminders from the past, such as the Dickens Inn and the original wheel mechanism that forms part of the modern drawbridge.

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