Pro Europe rally in Tbilisi

People Mountain, people Sea. That was the Chinese phrase that came to my mind tonight as I took part in a mass pro-Europe rally in the heart of Tbilisi.
Tonight, thousands of Georgians gathered in front of the Parliament, appealing to the council of European Union, which will decide on the country’s EU bid in a few days. People waved Georgian flags and held placard that read “We are Europeans”. Politicians and representatives from all walks of life gave impassioned speeches, declaring Georgia as one of the oldest European nations and expressing their willingness to throw their lot with the EU.
A few days ago, the European Commission recommended candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova, but not Georgia, to the dismay of the locals.
Plenty of Georgians are also not happy with their government’s stance on the Ukraine war. Although people here are sympathetic to the Ukrainians and angry with Russia, which still occupies 20% of their territory, the government has been careful not to upset its powerful northern neighbor too much. It has not joined the sanction against Russia.
As the rally reached its climax, Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’, the European Union’s official anthem, was played through loud speakers. People sang along, waving their mobile phones, with the flash on. It was a touching sight.
The rally might not change the mind of the Council of the EU, but it is important to get their voice heard.

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