Armenia genocide

Talking about Armenia, one has to mention the Armenia Genocide, which was the systematic destruction of the Armenia people and their identity by the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, including the forced deportation and massacres.
On my last day in the country, I visited the Armenia Genocide Memorial and Museum on the northern outskirt of Yerevan. I found it a moving experience.
The museum itself is housed in a grey underground bunker where large photographs with texts tell the harrowing story of the genocide, which saw up to 1.5 Armenians being killed. A wide concrete path leads to the memorial, which consists a 40 meter-high spire, next to a circular structure where 12 slabs, representing the 12 lost regions in western Armenia, hunching over a permanent flame on the ground.
All the while, a haunting piece of opera is playing. The atmosphere is somber and moving.
An Armenia cross-stone, commemorating the 1988 Sumqayit massacre in Azerbaijan, stands nearby. The relationship between the two Caucasus countries, both former Soviet states, has been tense. They fought a war in 2020 over the mountainous Nagorno-Karabakh, a region inhabited mostly by the Armenians but within the Azerbaijan territory.
Close to the entrance there is a row of trees planted by foreign leaders who recognized the Armenia genocide. Turkey still refuses to admit it.
Standing outside the museum, one can see the snow caped Mt. Ararat, a symbol of Armenia, but Turkey took control of it during the Turkish-Armenia War in 1920.
Armenia is a country traumatized by its past and still facing enormous challenges, particularly over its security, but it has survived so far and is trying to soldier on. And it is certainly a country well-worth a visit.

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