Party congress interviews

I had a busy day yesterday. At 2 pm, I had an interview with the BBC at the Broadcasting House in central London about the Party Congress, then I rushed back for Chicago Council on Global Affair’s Weekly World Review panel discussion and podcast, scheduled at 4 pm. But the taxi from the BBC’s broadcasting House to my house took so long. So I only had time for a pee before joining the Zoom. However, I couldn’t access my camera for some reason and we had no time to sort it out. So we went ahead. Those who watched it alive couldn’t see me, but the podcast works just fine.

I was flattered to be among the distinguished panelists: Ravi Agrawal, the Foreign Policy magazine’s editor in chief; Prashant Rao, a senior editor with Semafor. The program was presented by Ivo Daalder, the US’s former ambassador to Nato. We mostly talked about the Party Congress and Xi’s consolidation of power and a bit about Ukraine.

Live interview is a fickle thing where so many things can go wrong. I think I did alright there, if I do say so myself.

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