Co working hostel

SunDesk – The Best Hostel in the World

SunDesk, the name says it all: a desk in the warm sunshine. A co-working and co-living place, catering to the needs of modern nomads. I didn’t know such a thing existed until this spring when I met a Spanish friend who stayed at SunDesk in Taghazout, Morocco. She was finishing her Ph.D. dissertation.
One evening, she invited me to join her at SunDesk’s weekly BBQ party. I was wowed. What a great place and a great idea. Being a digital nomad is a romantic idea, but if you stay at an ordinary hotel, you may not meet another soul for weeks on end. At SunDesk, you’ll have an instant community. It functions like a normal hostel, but there’s an office where you can use the facilities or use the space to work. You can’t chat here. If you’d like to chat, you can go to the roof or the terrace. (there are two levels up there.)

And there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Apart from the fabulous breakfast, the hostel also offers optional lunch and dinner. The food here is the best in Morocco. In Taghazout, the dining options are limited. You’ll find similar dishes in most of the restaurants in the village: Tajine, couscous, bean soup and Moroccan salad, as if there’s a law demanding them to do so. Here, different dishes, rarely seen in ordinary restaurants, are provided every day, such as runner beans salad or cooked eggplants.

Over lunch or dinner, you can’t help but chat and socialize. It’s a great joy to talk to people from all over the world, each got her/his own story.

Upon arrival at SunDesk, you are invited to join a WhatsApp group – your instant nomad family. Someone may invite you to an outing or dinner. On my first day here, I went along to a drink at a fancy bar on the seafront to watch sunset. I wouldn’t have known there was such a perfect spot to watch the orange sun slowly sliding into the sea.

People are invited to share their skills. One night, a trained yoga teacher led a yoga session on the roof top; another time, an Italian artist cooked hand-made pasta for us all – the best pasta I ever tasted.
Already, I am looking forward to returning to SunDesk. When I do, I’d like to offer a life-writing workshop. In such a place, you feel like making a contribution.

My heart-felt thanks to SunDesk.

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