I am not a royalist. I think a monarchy is undemocratic and out of line with modern life. I am certainly not a fan of the British royal family, which has been mired in controversy (Prince Andrew, Harry and such). Will the King Charles III be an enlightened king? Hard to imagine. At this Coronation, people had to swear allegiance to the King! I find it laughable that some would brave the wind and rain and camp outside overnight and so on. Don’t they have someone in their own life they can love and admire? Some argue that the monarchy provides the British people with a sense of national identity. If the British national identity has to rest solely on the monarchy, then that’s very sad.
Yet when a friend kindly invited me to his Coronation lunch party, I didn’t hesitate. Well, I am also a keen social observer. It turned out that most guests at the party are not royalists, either. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Who wouldn’t want a fun party with great food, interesting people and lively discussion? Thank you Chris and Ari for the fab party!

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