The Spy Balloon Drama

The Spy Balloon Drama Last Saturday, Sky TV interviewed me about the spy balloon drama. I said I was almost certain that it was a spy balloon, instead of a civilian aircraft collecting weather data. Well, there is an airbase in Montana where the balloon was spotted, but I also made the point that all… Continue reading The Spy Balloon Drama

Divine Melody choir

On Sunday night, braving the chill, I attended a charity concert titled ‘Divine Melody Choir’, organized by Engage with China, an educational charity aimed at building up China literacy in the UK. Held at Holy Sepulchre Church, a stone’s throw from St. Pauls, the performers, led by conductor and soprano Wang Chen, delivered an outstanding… Continue reading Divine Melody choir

commenting on Covid protests in China

Last weekend, protests broke out in multiple cities across China against excessive lockdown measures. I’ve been busy writing and commenting on this extraordinary development. Since 1989, there have been plenty of protests, typically farmers demanding proper compensation over grabbed land; workers demanding better pay. Occasionally there were protests against environmental issues. Such protests tend to… Continue reading commenting on Covid protests in China

NPR interview on the protests

“Rise up, rise up, those don’t want to be slaves!” Many of you are aware that anti-Covid/government protests have broken out in many cities in China. It is remarkable and extraordinary in an authoritarian country where public protests are banned. Here’s my interview with NPR’s Morning Edition, the equivalent of BBC’s Today program.