Why Don’t Chinese Look While Cross the Road?

I nearly ran someone over with my electric scooter this afternoon. And it was definitely not my fault. I was riding at normal speed along Liangmaqiaolu between the third and fourth ring roads. A middle aged man jumped off a bus and then hurried towards the pavement. He didn’t turn around to look at the… Continue reading Why Don’t Chinese Look While Cross the Road?

on the banning of ‘Super Girl’

The day before, I was interviewed by Channel 4 News in UK about the cancellation of a hugely popular program called ‘Super Girl’, a talent show modeled on ‘American Idol’ run by Hunan Satellite TV. As a social commentator, I’ve been frequently interviewed by media on stories such as this. For me, this episode is… Continue reading on the banning of ‘Super Girl’

On Peter Hessler’s Winning of MacArthur Fundation’s ‘Genius’ Award

I was so thrilled to hear the news that American writer Peter Hessler has won the award. As one of the 22 recipients of the $500,000 award, he was rewarded for his writing about China, the subject of many of his articles and the first three books: River Town, Oracle Bones and Country Driving. So… Continue reading On Peter Hessler’s Winning of MacArthur Fundation’s ‘Genius’ Award

on the decline of reading

In early September, publishers from all corners of the world descended in Beijing for the International Book Fair which has been gaining prominence in recent years. For the occasion, bookworm, the English language bookstore, library and the center of the reading world among the expats, threw a party on its roof top, where I met… Continue reading on the decline of reading

On Aiweiwei’s Beijing

I just read Ai Weiwei’s column in Newsweek in which he describes Beijing as a “nightmare” and a “constant nightmare”. I am delighted that his detention ordeal hasn’t dampened his spirits but I have to say that I don’t agree with him at all, though I understand his frustration and bitterness. I have immense respect… Continue reading On Aiweiwei’s Beijing