My piece in SCMP about China’s banning of 6B4T, a brand feminism thatwishes to exclude men from their lives.

Is the idea of simply not wanting to have any relationship with men extremism? Here’s my piece about China’s banning of feminist groups associated with the so-called 6B4T, a brand feminism that wishes to exclude men from their lives.

female political participation in China lags behind

My commentary piece in today’s South China Morning Post. While the authorities are boasting that China saw more women lawmakers and legislators during this year’s ‘two sessions’, China’s female political participation actually lags behind many other countries. Here’s why.

My radio essay for Radio 4

At last, I made it to From Our Own Correspondent! Radio’s 4’s high-profile current affair programme is my favorite. It offers a chance for BBC’s foreign correspondents around the world to reflect on a certain event or issue. Compared to other programmes, it is far more personal and literary. I’ve long had my eye on… Continue reading My radio essay for Radio 4