China exhibition

Last week, I attended the opening reception of the major exhibition – China’s Hidden Century – at the British Museum. I got the invitation because I helped them with the section on Qiu Jin, China’s first feminist and revolutionary. I am just finishing a historical novel inspired by Qiu Jin. In fact, I was quoted… Continue reading China exhibition

Chinese and British panel discussion

Last night, I took part in a panel titled “Chinese and British”, discussing personal identity – being both Chinese and British, in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title at the British Library. The UK has the oldest Chinese community in Europe and there are plenty of Chinese (just under 1% of the total… Continue reading Chinese and British panel discussion

my interview with Tania Branigan on her book Red Memory

The Latest Podcast I hosted, interviewing Tania Branigan on her book Red Memory I co-host NoVoices, a global network of people who are interested in China and gender issues. In this episode, I interviewed Tania Branigan, who served as the Guardian’s China Correspondent for seven years. Now she writes foreign policy editorials for the Guardian.… Continue reading my interview with Tania Branigan on her book Red Memory

China’s supposed most notorious serial killer

I claim to be on ‘workcation’ – on holiday abroad while working. Here’s one result. My oped on the lawyer who defends China’s supposed most notorious female serial killer Lao Rongzhi, a case that has fascinated China. Back in the 90s, Lao worked at a seedy bar where she lured rich men to her rented… Continue reading China’s supposed most notorious serial killer