a wordy essay

For many years now, I’ve been writing and publishing articles. They are not always literary, or not as literary as I’d like them to be, or perhaps the formats are not suitable for wordy prose. Here’s my latest piece for the New European, about how learning English has changed my life and how downgrading it… Continue reading a wordy essay

My call to revive the death penalty debate

https://www.scmp.com/comment/opinion/article/3153310/why-its-time-china-revive-debate-over-death-penalty As the world has just celebrated World Day Against the Death Penalty, I published my opinion piece on the issue. An English friend told me that even though it was outlawed in England in 1969, various surveys suggest that nearly half of the people still support it? Incredible! Do let me know what’s the… Continue reading My call to revive the death penalty debate