commenting on Covid protests in China

Last weekend, protests broke out in multiple cities across China against excessive lockdown measures.

I’ve been busy writing and commenting on this extraordinary development. Since 1989, there have been plenty of protests, typically farmers demanding proper compensation over grabbed land; workers demanding better pay. Occasionally there were protests against environmental issues. Such protests tend to be regional, instead of national; economical driven instead of political and usually in small scale. Mass protests like we’ve seen in more than a dozen cities against one issue and against the government were unprecedented.

On the morning of the 28th of November, I had an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition. BBC’s renowned journalist and presenter Laura Trevelyan heard me and requested to interview me on BBC World Service TV. In between, I was taken to Sky News’ office in Milbank for a panel discussion. My fellow panelists were Dominic Waghorn, Sky’s former China Correspondent and hugely famous political scientist Francis Fukuyama. I am pleased to say it also went well.

The next day, CBS came to my house for an interview. It took them over one hour to set up the lighting and a good half hour to interview me, but the final program was just a few minutes long. Well, I guess that’s just the nature of TV.

Here’s the CBS link.

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