birthday fundraising

Dear Friends:

I look forward to welcoming you to my party on the 20th. No gifts please, particularly no flowers. If you like, please consider making a donation to charity Engage With China. Please see below my note on my birthday fundraising. Absolutely no pressure. I hope you don’t mind my raising the issue. Many thanks in advance.

See you soon.

My Birthday Fundraising

My birthday is two days away. This year, I’d like to raise some funds for a British charity Engage With China, to which I am a cultural ambassador.

Engage with China provides an educational introduction to China’s cultural and historical context and adds depth to modern British education by building necessary 21st-century skills. In other words, the charity is trying to introduce the Chinese language and culture to schools in the UK.

As many Western countries have turned hostile towards China, it is more important than ever that people in the West should have a better understanding of my home country. I whole-hearted support what EWC does, therefore my fund-raising effort. So instead of saying happy birthday to me or giving me any gifts, please make a donation to Engage With China, if you like. Here’s the link: Unleash cultural curiosity – JustGiving

Many thanks in advance. You’ll be my friend forever!

Love Lijia

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